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TX Gov. Perry: Medicare Is A Ponzi Scheme

Speaking to Fox News Sunday today, Texas Gov. Rick Perry called Medicare and Social Security "a Ponzi scheme" and unconstitutional.
"Do the things you're supposed to do, like securing our border, like delivering the mail -- preferably on time and on Saturdays -- before you get involved in things that the Constitution doesn't say one word about, like health care," replied Perry. Wallace followed Perry's logic and asked if he therefore believed the federal government should end Medicare and Medicaid, and send all the money to the states instead. "What I'm saying is between Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, there's $106 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and not one dime saved to pay for them," replied Perry, not directly answering the question.
Texas has the nation's highest rate of uninsured residents, but Perry thinks the government is already doing too much to help the impoverished.

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