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Army Birther Convicted On All Counts

Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, the Army birther who said he didn't have to obey the orders of his "illegitimate" commander in chief, has been found guilty on four felony counts of military disobedience at his court-martial.
"I am extremely sorry for everything that has come of this," Lakin said during unsworn testimony in the sentencing phase of his trial. "As a military member, I was wrong." Lakin faces as much as 42 months in prison, forfeiture of pay and retirement benefits, and dismissal from the service after being convicted of four felonies. The court-martial panel found him guilty of two counts of disobeying orders to report to his commanding officer, one count of failing to report to his new unit, and, most seriously, missing the movement of an airplane that was to take him to his new post. Lakin will be sentenced tomorrow.
Lakin says he continues to believe the president is not a U.S. citizen, but that he shouldn't have allowed that opinion to affect the orders of his immediate superiors.

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