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LIVE VIDEO: "Possible" DADT Senate Cloture Vote To Take Place At 5:30PM

Nobody seems to be sure it will happen, but the Family Research Council is claiming on Twitter that a cloture vote on the Defense Authorization Act is scheduled for around 5:30PM. The FRC has spent the day marshaling their followers to deluge Senate offices with protesting calls, so this could be a panicked push to generate more calls while folks are still in their offices. We've also heard that if Sen. Harry Reid is unhappy with proposed amendments to the bill, he'll vote against it on procedural grounds (as he did in October) in order to bring it up again later. Here's the Senate live video stream, in case the FRC is right about the time.

UPDATE: The Senate has adjourned and there will be no vote tonight as negotiations with Maine's GOP Sen. Susan Collins have broken down.

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