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Captain America Fights Teen Suicide

Marvel Comics has responded to the national discussion about teen suicide by issuing a free episode of Captain America in which a boy decides not to kill himself after watching the superhero fight villains.
John Draper, director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a network of crisis centers across the country, told The Associated Press that Marvel approached the organization about using its logo in the book "which we happily granted them." The 11-page story "Captain America: A Little Help" is written by psychologist Tim Ursiny and illustrated by Nick Dragotta. In it, a despondent youth is poised to jump off a building when he spies Captain America facing a bevy of villains on a nearby roof. The fracas keeps him from going over the edge, literally and figuratively. There is no dialogue, save for the end, which ends with the boy saving both the hero and, in the process, himself. "Super heroes fight a lot of battles, but there are few more important than combating suicide," said Tom Brevoort, Marvel Entertainment's senior vice president of publishing.
The issue is available today on the Marvel Comics website.

(Tipped by JMG reader Michael)

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