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Catholic League's Bill Donohue: Jews Don't Report Their Pedophiles Either

Yesterday it was reported that in 1997 the Vatican ordered Ireland's bishops not to report pedophile priests to the police. In response, today Catholic League president Bill Donohue issued a typically bizarre rant about Jews, liberals, and the New York Times.
Last month, several media outlets ran a story on how a rabbinical court in Brooklyn ordered its 10,000 members not to report crimes to the police. Not among those reporting on it was the New York Times. Moreover, this same newspaper has consistently opposed a law in New York State mandating that crimes involving the sexual abuse of minors be reported to the police if the law applies equally to public, as well as private, institutions; it only backs mandatory reporting for private institutions. The reason there is no mandatory reporting about these crimes in New York State is because the New York Civil Liberties Union and Family Planning Advocates (the lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood) have successfully killed such legislation. So who wants mandatory reporting for everyone? The Catholic bishops want it—it's the liberal media and liberal activist groups who don't.

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