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Fox Rejects "John 3-16" Super Bowl Ad

World Net Daily is upset because Fox has rejected a Super Bowl ad promoting the scripture John 3:16, which became famous for being seen at major sporting events thanks to Rollen "Rainbow Man" Stewart (seen above). They quote the ad's maker:
"The rainbow man, the guy we always used to see standing in end zones after field goal and extra point attempts holding up his John 3:16 sign – now there is a message of real hope. That message is a part of the culture of football. You see it all the time. You've seen it on the eyeblack, you've seen it on tattoos, you've seen it, as I've mentioned, the rainbow man and many others.

"In the midst of the commercials on everything that's trivial," Taunton says, "wouldn't it be wonderful if after this year's Super Bowl, in addition to talking about the game, people were talking, not about beer or potato chip commercials, they were talking about the gospel? Well, that's what we want to see happen." After a few months of working on the commercial and raising funds for its broadcast, however, Fox sent what Taunton calls "a carefully worded document" explaining the network "would not air anything with religious doctrine."
Not incidentally, Rainbow Man is now presenting his "message of real hope" from prison, where he is serving three consecutive life sentences for kidnapping.

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