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HomoQuotable - Jonathan Capehart

"I guess we're supposed to presume that Palin supports the repeal of the ban on gay men and lesbians from serving openly in the military. And I suppose by extension we should presume that she is down with gay equality. But it's easy to support something that has already happened and costs you little to speak out about -- even if it is in the form a retweet. DADT was repealed with 65 votes in the Senate on Dec. 22.

"Palin had a chance to take a stand last November when her daughter Willow apparently unleashed the f-bomb (the one that rhymes with drag) on someone criticizing the premier of Sarah Palin's Alaska on Facebook. Bristol Palin seemed to step up with an apology of sorts. But the former governor, reality television star and self-proclaimed Mama Grizzly remained mute. This raises lots of questions about what constitutes accepted banter in the Palins' Wasilla manse. Leadership is about staking out positions when it's difficult, not just when it's easy. Once again, it seems, Palin has taken the easy route." - Jonathan Capehart, writing for the Washington Post.

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