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NOM: Japan Is A "Dying Culture" Because Fewer People Are Marrying

Today the National Organization for Marriage announced on their blog that Japan is a "dying culture" because fewer people are marrying and having children. As proof of their claim, they offer this quote from the Economist:
In the 1950s, fertility started to plummet. Since the 1980s, when the birth rate fell below 1.5 children per woman, Japan has, in effect, had a one-child policy—though, unlike in China, it was self-imposed. It came as a shock to demographers when the 2005 census showed that the number of deaths exceeded that of births for the first time: the population had started to shrink two years ahead of schedule. The 2010 census results are currently being processed and preliminary results are due in February 2011."
Another billion people have crowded this planet in just the last ten years. But keep cranking out those babies or NOM will say, "This is what a dying culture looks like."

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