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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

Nevada: Pastor Otis Holland arrested for molesting a seven year-old girl. Holland was arrested last year on similar charges.
New York: Pastor Jason LaPierre arrested for embezzling over $400,000 from a credit union.
Ontario: Father James Boudreau arrested for sexual assault on a child.
Belgium: Father Eric Dejaeger accused of molesting multiple children in Canada. He has already served five years in prison for the same crime.
California: Pastor Dino Cardelli charged with intimidating a victim prior to his trial for child rape.
Missouri: Pastor David Love pleads not guilty to murdering the husband of his mistress.
Minnesota: Pastor William Neal Matthews charged with financial exploitation of an elderly person.
Britain: Father Paul Shannon pleads guilty to 16 counts of producing child pornography.
Michigan: Rev. Sarah Jane Samuelson charged with serving alcohol to over 100 minors attending a party she hosted in her home.
Florida: Pastor Gordon Libby charged with kidnapping a 14 year-old from a Walmart and then masturbating in the victim's presence. Libby is the founder of the clergy recruitment firm Pastors4U.
Britain: Imam Mohammed Hanif Khan charged with rape of a 12 year-old boy.
New Jersey: Pastor Enoc Sotelo charged with 17 felony counts of defrauding immigrants in a green card scam.
Massachusetts: Father Donald Provost sued for sexual assault of an eight year-old boy. The Worcester Catholic Diocese and ten other unidentified individuals are named in the suit. Provost has been previously convicted of photographing a ten year-old boy in a public locker room.
Wisconsin: Pastor Lewis Givens charged with sexually assaulting a mentally challenged nine year-old girl.

This Week's Winner
Minnesota: The Catholic Diocese of New Ulm is being sued for covering up the crimes of Father Francis Markey, who was twice arrested for child molestation. Markey was suspended three times after accusations of sexual assaults on children and all three times he was later reinstated as a priest. The lawsuit also names the treatment facilities to which the Catholic Church referred Markey, as well as the Diocese of Clogher in Ireland, where he once worked.

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