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Wingnuts Back Crazy Eyes 2012

The religious right is lining up behind Rep. Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann's possible plan to run for president in 2012, which she said she'll do only upon direct orders from God.
Some tout her as the next Ronald Reagan — with a twist. Religious leaders supporting her include Matt Barber of the late Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty Council, who said, “To date, no man has succeeded in filling the conservative standard-bearer’s legendary boots. Well, maybe it’s time to swap boots for pumps.” Like Reagan, Barber added, Bachmann values principle over popularity. “She has been a stalwart in advocating on behalf of constitutional conservatism. She’s chairwoman of the House Tea Party Caucus and has put her money where her mouth is, voting consistently in Congress to limit the size and scope of government, fortify national security and protect life, liberty and the natural family.”
Larry Klayman of the anti-gay Judicial Watch says about Bachmann: "She's the one truly principled politician who can unite conservatives, libertarians, independents, tea partiers, people of faith and any American who truly believes in constrained government, fiscal and individual responsibility, a strong national defense, life, and yes, freedom under God!”

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