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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delguadio

"Dear Joe, Obamacare forces you to subsidize Homosexuality. And sadly, it shouldn't surprise any of us. There was just no way Barack Obama would craft a 2,000 page monstrosity of a Healthcare Law without paying off his homosexual masters. Top legal experts have determined that this healthcare bill will create a tax penalty of up to $10,680 a year per traditional family ...and at the same time homosexuals will be given a $1,069 annual bonus for living together in sin.

"But as if this bonus for homosexual couples wasn't bad enough, the bill also targets children for special pro-homosexual education programs starting in elementary school. Not only will Sodomy Training Seminars invade our schools, but government healthcare would force healthy Americans like you and me to pay for the treatment of infected homosexuals. HIV treatments, AIDS medications, and the whole slew of Sexually Transmitted Infections that plague the homosexual lifestyle. That's why we have to insist John Beohner defund Obamacare." -Eugene Delgaudio, the self-proclaimed Public Advocate of the U.S., who'd like you to send him money to stop the Homosexual Healthcare Payback.

Delgaudio's last email warned about the Mandatory Homosexual Marriage Act.

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