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Sarah Palin To Snub CPAC

Sarah Palin has declined the invitation to give the keynote address at next week's CPAC 2011. In previous years, Palin has said she'd attend but never showed up.
Last year, the former Alaska governor turned down an opportunity to speak at the event, reportedly over concerns of being affiliated with CPAC organizer David Keene. In 2008 and 2009, Palin pulled out of plans to address the conservative gathering. "We're disappointed that she wasn't able to make it this year," said Keene through a spokesman on Thursday, ABC News reports. He added that Palin had "expressed interest" in attending the event.
In the past week other Tea Party heavyweights like Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Jim DeMint, and NJ Gov. Chris Christie have all announced their non-attendance at CPAC. None of this has to do with GOProud, right?

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