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SOUTH CAROLINA: New Book Accuses GOP Governor Nikki Haley Of Adultery

Tea Party-backed South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was dogged by accusations of extramarital affairs during her successful 2010 campaign, prompting her to declare that she'd resign if the charges were ever proven true. Today a man who claims to have had an affair with Haley has published "steamy details" of their encounters and has dared Haley to sue him for libel. Here's a terribly-written excerpt:
We never took our clothes off that first night, but the physical relationship between us progressed much faster than I expected. After sliding the front seats of her SUV as far back as they would go, Nikki climbed on top of me – rubbing her crotch back and forth over the growing bulge in my pants while I groped her ass and ran my hands through her hair and up and down her back. John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In a Burning Room” played on her CD changer. Nikki and I kissed even harder and heavier than we had before (away from the lights of the Vista, we weren’t worried about people seeing us here), and at one point I slid my hands under her turtleneck and felt her breasts over the black bra she was wearing.
Haley is the first female governor of South Carolina and the second Indian-American to be elected as a state governor. She is an adamant opponent of same-sex marriage and toes the teabagger line on other social issues.

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