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Catholic Bishops To HUD: Don't Add Gays To Housing Discrimination Protections

In January the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed sweeping new rules adding LGBT people as a protected class in all of its programs. That doesn't sit well with the Catholic Conference of Bigoted Bishops, who have sent HUD a letter strongly opposing the change.
"By this, we do not mean that any person should be denied housing. Making decisions about shared housing, however, is another matter,” wrote Picarello and Moses. “Particularly here, faith-based and other organizations should retain the freedom they have always had to make housing placements in a manner consistent with their religious beliefs, including when it concerns a cohabiting couple, be it an unmarried heterosexual couple or a homosexual couple. Given the very large role that faith-based organizations play in HUD programs, the regulation, by infringing upon that freedom, may have the ultimate effect of driving away organizations with a long and successful track record in meeting housing needs, leaving beneficiaries without the housing that they sought or that the government intended them to receive.”
Read their bigoted letter (PDF) in full.

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