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HomoQuotable - Christopher Doyle

"Putting 'ex-gay' in quotes suggested that such a sexual orientation is not valid, not recognized or both. But thousands of former homosexuals collectively identify themselves as such. The D.C. Superior Court ruled in 2009 that ex-gays are a protected sexual orientation class in the District. Not all persons who experience same-sex attractions choose to live gay lives. Many of us have voluntarily left a homosexual life through therapeutic work or behavioral choice. I did, and I have been happily married to a woman for nearly five years; we have two children. I no longer experience same-sex attraction and have no desire to return to the homosexual life. Please respect this choice." - Christopher Doyle, board member of Parents & Friends Of "Ex-Gays" (PFOX), in a letter to the Washington Post.

RELATED: You might recall that I had a brief encounter with Doyle in the parking lot of last year's evil NARTH convention, where he was supporting a group that spreads the most repulsive lies about gay people imaginable. But don't you dare put "ex-gay" in quotes.

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