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IOWA: Crazy Eyes Praises Anti-Gay Haters

Prospective GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann showed up in Iowa yesterday to praise the anti-gay activists who unseated the "black-robed masters" in the state Supreme Court.
Bachmann, speaking to a group of home school advocates, credited conservatives with sending a “shot across the bow” to judges throughout the country. “You said enough is enough and sent them packing, and I’m very proud of what you’ve done,” she said, repeatedly calling judges “black-robed masters.” “It’s very rare that a judge does not go back to office.”
Bachmann promised the crowd that she would be back, presumably to campaign for president, and noted: "I’m an Iowan, for those who don’t know it. These are my roots. I’m not just an Iowan, I’m an Iowegian. For those of you who don’t know it, that means I’m an Iowan and 100% Norwegian."

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