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MARYLAND: Former Marriage Backer Now Wants Bill Changed To Civil Unions

Maryland Delegate Tiffany Alston, one of the key needed votes on the House judiciary committee, is backing away from her promise to support marriage equality. Now Alston says civil unions are the way to go.
Delegate Tiffany Alston, D-Prince George's, delayed a vote on the bill Tuesday morning by skipping the session in protest. On Thursday, she said she is researching an amendment that would better reflect a separation between church and state by changing the bill to be about civil unions. "I have a decision that I have to make that's going to satisfy my constituency as well as my conscience," Alston says. Alston says the change she is considering would allow Maryland residents to get civil union licenses if they wished to be married, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. She says she believes the change would be "a good balance," but does not know if it would receive support from other committee members.
Meanwhile over on AmericaBlog, John Aravosis is eviscerating Delegate Sam Arora, one of the marriage bill's sponsors who is also now walking back his support. Aravosis is calling on donors to Arora's campaign to demand their money back.

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