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Brooklyn Maternity Shop Offer Discounts For Lesbians Moms Only

A lesbian-owned maternity shop in Brooklyn's Park Slope is offering a discount to lesbian moms only, although the owner doesn't ask patrons to "prove" that they are gay.
While a few people have looked "questioningly" at the placard advertising the unique discount, Paperno says the overall response to the lesbians-only promo is positive. "People are tickled by it," Paperno says, "And I love that response more than anything. It's fun." While some people may not share Paperno's sense of humor, she says her "girl's club" discount is one of the perks of running her own store. "It's not politically correct," Paperno acknowledges with a laugh, "but neither am I. Never have been, never will be. This is my store, and I can choose to do this discount for the people who need it most."
The Freepers are having a field day with this one.

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