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Focus On The Family Readies Its First Year Running Anti-Gay Pro-Bullying Campaign

The Day Of Silence, GLSEN's annual anti-bullying campaign is April 15th. And Focus On The Family's Candi Cushman is ready for her first year running the PRO-bullying Christian response, which was handed over to them last year by Exodus International. FOF's Day Of Dialogue will take place on April 18th.
"The whole idea is to help embolden and encourage students to want to express their biblical viewpoint in a loving and grace-filled way, especially when controversial sexual topics are brought up in their school and they feel like maybe their viewpoint is being stifled. So this just gives them some tools for being able to be confident and loving in expressing their biblical viewpoint. The whole idea of silence seems more like a media opportunity -- but the idea of dialogue is that this is an actual learning opportunity for students and a free exchange of ideas among them."
Focus On The Family is offering cash prizes to anti-gay Christian students who make the best video about how it's totally right to bully, shame, and ostracize gay kids for their sexuality. In the loving name of Jesus Christ, of course.

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