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Iowa GOP Files Impeachment Charges Against Pro-Gay State Supreme Court

Thanks to a truckload of money funneled to them by Newt Gingrich, last year hate groups were able to unseat three of Iowa's seven state Supreme Court justices over their backing of same-sex marriage. Yesterday GOP lawmakers in the state House filed impeachment charges against the four remaining justices. Here's an excerpt of the charges against Justice David Wiggins:
By his action in the Varnum case, Justice Wiggins has created a constitutional imbalance and confusion within the State of Iowa as to the proper constitutional function of each department, thus undermining the integrity of the tripartite separation of powers among the departments and creating social disorder and unrest. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE, That the conduct of Supreme Court Justice David S. Wiggins, in committing malfeasance in office, warrants impeachment, trial by the Senate, and removal and disqualification from any office of honor, trust, or profit under the state pursuant to the procedures set out in Iowa Code 3 2 chapter 68.
The latest move has the backing of Family Leader, Iowa's most prominent anti-gay Christianist group.

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