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Matt Barber On JMG/GLAAD

"So GLADD, a self-described anti-defamation group, gives an award to one of the most vicious, vile and vulgar anti-Christian bigots on the planet and expects to be taken seriously? Hey, while we’re at it why not give Muammar Gaddafi the ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ award. Or how about a Nobel Peace Prize for Barack Oba… Oh, wait" - Liberty Counsel douchebag Matt Barber, as quoted by Porno Pete, who's apparently polling other hate groups about my GLAAD award.

TOTALLY FUCKING RELATED: Today the FBI revealed that the Liberty Counsel is being investigated for conspiracy to commit kidnapping in the case of Isabella Jenkins-Miller, an action I first began to call for on this blog more than 18 months ago.

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