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MINNESOTA: Two Bullied 14 Year-Old Girls Hang Themselves In Suicide Pact

Two 14 year-old middle school girls in Minnesota have hung themselves in a suicide pact brought on by bullying. The sexual orientation of the pair is unknown.
Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz were found Saturday in the small town of Lynd. The two 14-year-olds hanged themselves and left notes in an apparent suicide pact. "I think they've had this for some time," Robin Settle, Fentress' aunt, told ABC News. The two were found by Fentress' mother. Moravetz was sleeping over at her best-friend's home because her parents were on vacation in Hawaii. "She attempted to resuscitate them," Settle said, but it was too late. Moravetz moved to the small Minnesota town a year ago and had a hard time making friends, her aunt said. She and Fentress' friendship appeared to grow out of the pair's shared feeling of being excluded.
RELATED: The Minnesota Family Policy Council and other Christianist groups have so far successfully blocked attempts to create anti-bullying programs in public schools.

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