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NOM's Jennifer Morse: Same-Sex Marriage Will Outlaw Preaching Christianity

Dr. Jennifer Morse of NOM's Ruth Institute, whom was last heard from when she said that evil gays "stole the rainbow," is now telling audiences that same-sex marriage will bring about the outlawing of preaching Christianity.
First among her qualms—and no doubt foremost for her audience, considering the college’s unapologetic Christian Evangelical orientation—is the conflict same sex marriage has with Biblical teaching. “Scriptures are full of marriage,” Morse said. “Marriage is all throughout the Bible.” She said that a redefinition of marriage would mean that Christians “will lose the ability to evangelize…we will lose the ability to preach the Bible.” Morse stressed that redefining marriage undermined what she called the “essential public purpose of marriage.” She noted that, in a legal sense, attaching children to their parents was the primary reason for marriage to even exist. “If it weren’t for that purpose, I don’t think we would need marriage at all,” she said. “Procreation is key to marriage.”
And the audience no doubt nodded along, believing her.

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