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GOP Has Anti-Gay Hate Preacher Open Session Of MN Legislature

At the invitation of the Republican Party, this morning virulently anti-gay preacher (and BFF to Crazy Eyes) Bradlee Dean delivered the invocation for the Minnesota legislature. The Minnesota Independent reports:
The prayer was so offensive to many legislators that House leadership brought in the chaplain to redo the prayer. Dean has made many controversial statements as pastor of You Can Run, including advocating the incarceration of gays and lesbians, that the LGBT community is trying to usher in Sharia law in Minnesota, that gay men molest an average of 117 children “before they get caught,” and that Muslim nations that execute gays are more moral than American Christians. His prayer on Friday touched off a firestorm at the Capitol as the LGBT community was rallying outside the House chambers against a proposed anti-gay marriage amendment. Dean said during his prayer, “I know this is a nondenominational chamber,” he said listing off a litany of Christian denominations and leaving off any mention of Judaism. Then he took a dig at President Obama, insinuating that he is not a Christian. “The head of the denomination is Jesus as every president up until 2008 has acknowledged, in Jesus name.”
Several Democrats immediately rose to denounce the prayer.

UPDATE: Here's the video of Bradlee Dean's prayer, followed by the outraged comments of one Democratic legislator.

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