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NY Sen. Ruben Diaz' Gay Granddaughter Denounces Rally, But Poses On The Stage

Erica Diaz, NY Sen. Ruben Diaz' openly lesbian 22 year-old granddaughter and a victim of DADT, held a press conference across from the Bronx Courthouse this afternoon shortly before the hate marchers arrived. Reading from her iPhone, Erica denounced the fact that she is denied the right to marry her girlfriend, with whom she posed for the cameras shortly after her statement. However at the end of the rally, Sen. Diaz brought Erica up onto the stage for some uncomfortable hugging as he boasted that he really truly loves all the gay members of his family. (The elder Diaz also has two gay brothers.) The crowd went wild. Those of us in the press area cringed at this entire scene, which we all agreed was a PR win for the haters. Erica then returned to the counter-protesters area across the square, which this year was populated primarily by young Latinas. Fewer than 50-60 counter-protesters turned up in all.

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