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SAN FRANCISCO: "Foreskin Man" Comic Riles Opponents Of Circumcision Ban

Opponents of San Francisco's proposed ban on circumcision say a comic book being using to promote the ballot referendum is anti-Semitic. The comic is being sold on the website of Matthew Hess, the bill's chief author and proponent. It features a muscular blond superhero fighting off rabbis who are attempting to complete a circumcision.
Saunders asked Hess if his comic is anti-Semitic. His answer: "A lot of people have said that, but we're not trying to be anti-Semitic. We're trying to be pro-human rights." He told her the "next issue will deal with a different kind of circumcision."Meantime, Hess is pushing his political effort with other dark, threatening images of Jewish characters. His "Foreskin Man" card set being sold through Cafe Press feautures the terrifying-looking "Monster Mohel." The astounding description of a person qualified to perform the Jewish rite of circumcision: "Nothing excites Monster Mohel more than cutting into the infantile penile flesh of an eight day old boy."

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