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Christianists Turn On Rick Perry

Ever since Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared that gay marriage was a matter of states' rights, Christianists from Tony Perkins to Porno Pete have issued condemnations of the likely GOP presidential candidate's position. Today the strongest words yet come from World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah.
I admit it. I've been intrigued with Texas Gov. Rick Perry as a potential GOP presidential candidate. I attended his most recent inauguration in Austin. I've been impressed with what those who know him well say about his character. I liked that he called for a prayer rally in his state with co-sponsorships from the American Family Association, Jim Dobson and Family Research Council's Tony Perkins. I knew he had made mistakes as governor, but the state is prospering while the rest of the nation sinks into an economic morass. I believed he would pose more than a formidable challenge to Barack Obama in 2012. But you can forget all that – and all the nice things I said and wrote about Rick Perry. I'm afraid I've wasted my time and your time. In fact, I was just dead wrong in all of my conclusions about the governor of Texas. I no longer want him to run and no longer believe he is a viable candidate. In fact, I will do all I can to warn the American people away from him. [snip] Evidently I was fooled by Rick Perry. I freely admit it. I feel unclean for the nice things I have said about him to date. Forgive me.
NOTE: While Perkins says Perry is wrong about states' rights, he will still appear at Perry's all-Christian prayer rally.

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