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Crazy Eyes Loves Pro-Slavery Book

According to one of the three books on Michele Bachmann's "recommended" list, blacks enjoyed a more wonderful life back when they were the slaves of gentle, loving Christians. An excerpt:
Northerners were often shocked and offended by the familiarity that existed as a matter of course between the whites and blacks of the old South. This was one of the surprising and unintended consequences of slavery. Slavery, as it operated in the pervasively Christian society which was the old South, was not an adversarial relationship founded on racial animosity. In fact, it bred on the whole, not contempt, but, over time, mutual respect. This produced a mutual esteem of the sort that always results when men give themselves to a common cause. The credit for this startling reality must go to the Christian faith.
The book concludes that abolitionism was "not the best answer" for its day.

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