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INDIANA: Lawmakers Pressure Hinkle To Resign Over Craigslist Hooker Scandal

Some Indiana state lawmakers are pressuring six term GOP Rep. Phillip Hinkle to resign immediately after allegedly hiring an 18 year-old male prostitute from Craigslist. The most direct calls for Hinkle to step down are coming from his fellow evangelicals and not from the LGBT people he routinely voted against.
"I strongly recommend that Representative Hinkle resign his position," said Marion County Republican Chairman Kyle Walker, "so that he can focus on his family and not have this situation detract from that or the work that needs to continue in his legislative district." Others were less certain, especially until more facts come to light. "It's not for me to say," Daniels said. "It's for him and his constituents." Bosma said the next step is a discussion with Hinkle and to "chart a course from there." And Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb said Hinkle needs to "do the right thing." Asked if that meant the six-term lawmaker should resign, Holcomb said he "would word it differently."
One local station has a blurred-out interview with the alleged hooker, who does not appear in the below clip.

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