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More Lies From Matt Barber & The AFA

The above headline from the American Family Association is a completely outrageous lie currently being spread all over the Christianist blogosphere by Liberty Counsel liar-in-chief Matt Barber. Barber recently attended a conference on pedophilia which was organized by a tiny bizarre sect of weirdos called B4U-ACT.

And since those freak show conference attendees mentioned the APA guidelines on mental illness (according to Barber and the AFA), that means the APA is totally thinking about removing pedophilia from the list. Just like they were forced to do with homosexuality. In reality, of course, no such action is planned or will ever fucking happen in ten million years.

Matt Barber, the American Family Association and their vile ilk scarcely even pretend to be telling the truth these days. They know very well that their audience is uninterested in anything that doesn't viciously vilify and demonize gay people.

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