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NOM Loses Another Court Battle

The court-defying criminals at NOM have once again lost a battle to evade state campaign finance laws.
A federal appeals court panel Thursday rejected an anti-gay marriage group’s bid to block its need for compliance with Rhode Island campaign disclosure laws. The National Organization for Marriage had challenged Chief U.S. District Judge Mary M. Lisi’s refusal in October to grant a preliminary injunction that would have allowed the group to avoid disclosing money it spent to support various candidates, in accordance with state election laws. The group, which has launched similar lawsuits nationwide, had argued that Lisi erred when she denied the request. Judge Lisi concluded the disclosure law imposed little burden on the group and had a valuable governmental interest in identifying the people who give more than $100 to a support or defeat a candidate.
Don't expect NOM to bother complying with the above judgment.

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