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Quote Of The Day - Joseph Farah

"There is little question the legal acceptance of same-sex marriage will open the door to the legalization of polygamy. It's inevitable. After all, if it is now discriminatory, as we're told, to prohibit two men or two women from getting married, clearly it is 'discriminatory' to prohibit the marriage of one man and two or more women. There is simply no other rational way to view it. Who benefits? Those who practice polygamy as part of their religion – Muslims.

"And what about opposition to the gutting of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' law? Where are the Muslim organizations on this one? Once again, they are AWOL. Peculiar, isn't it? Not really. That's because, I believe, the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood tentacles in the U.S. recognize that, ultimately, the U.S. military is one of the last lines of defense of a nation in economic, political and cultural retreat. And they recognize that open homosexual activity within the military's ranks renders it less effective. In other words, it spells victory for the jihadists who ruled the world in the past and intend to rule it in the future." - Just For Men spokesmodel and World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah.

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