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NYC Consider Ads On Projects

New York is considering selling ad space on the sides on the city's thousands of public housing projects. Mayor Bloomberg supports the plan, with some caveats.
The cash-strapped agency's proposal to hire a consultant to advise it on how to make money by selling ad space has come under fire from residents and lawmakers, who are demanding City Council hearings. The Housing Authority has not said that certain products - like booze, fast food or the lottery - would be prohibited from advertising in its developments, which house more than 400,000 low-income residents. Bloomberg said guidelines would be required for the types of companies that could promote their products on building lobbies, facades and courtyards. "Of course, you'll always have restrictions," Bloomberg said. "You're not going to have an ad for a pornographic website, for example ... and I think we probably shouldn't have ads for things that are not healthy for our kids."

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