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Orthodox Rabbinical Edict: It Is Against Torah Law To Vote For David Weprin

NOM is doing an excellent job of stoking the fires of anti-gay hatred among New York's Orthodox Jews. Today several dozen Brooklyn rabbis issued a letter declaring that to vote for Assemblyman David Weprin is a violation of the Torah. Because he voted for same-sex marriage.
“Weprin’s claim that he is Orthodox makes the chillul Hashem even greater,” states the letter signed by the Flatbush rabbonim. The letter states that it is therefore Assur“ [forbidden according to Torah law] to vote for, campaign for, fund or otherwise support the campaign of NY State Assemblyman David Weprin.” The letter contains several non-Flatbush signatories, most notably Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky and Rav Simcha Bunim Cohen. Many are upset about Mr. Weprin’s vote earlier this year in Albany to legalize same gender marriage in New York state, and particularly that Mr. Weprin cited his Orthodox Jewish faith as a reason to vote for the bill. The district that Weprin and his opponent, Republican Bob Turner, are vying for covers parts of Queens and Brooklyn and has a 3-to-1 Democratic registration advantage.
RELATED: A Siena poll released today shows Weprin trailing Bob Turner by six points, a huge reversal from earlier polls.

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