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Who's Who Of Haters Scheduled To Appear At FRC's 2011 Values Voter Summit

Many of the nation's most viciously anti-gay figures are scheduled to appear at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit, including all of the major GOP presidential candidates. All in one place: Bryan Fischer, Phyllis Schlafly, Brian Brown, Harry Jackson, Mat Staver, Gary Bauer, Ken Cuccinelli and many more. Immediately following Mitt Romney's speech, attendees will convene to plot against LGBT Americans in a session titled "Straight Talk On Gay Marriage."

RELATED: None of the GOP presidential field are apparently troubled by FRC head Tony Perkins' racist past or the fact that he twice spoke before a Louisiana white supremacist group. None are apparently troubled by Perkins' 1996 payment of $82,500 for the mailing list of Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon David Duke. None are apparently troubled that Perkins lied to local election officials and filed fraudulent campaign finance documents to cover up his KKK payment. None are apparently troubled that Perkins' pals at the White Citizens Council call black Americans "a retrograde species of humanity." We would not be surprised to see the Confederate flag waving behind the podium at the Values Voter Summit.

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