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Bradlee Dean: Bachmann Stinks!

Whackjob Minnesota radio host and anti-gay preacher Bradlee Dean has turned on his longtime hero, Michele Bachmann. Because she won't answer direct questions.
I was listening to a radio show, and she was asked a question and she would not answer the question. And it's like you are such a great, upstanding, upright, citizen that you cannot answer the question that was just asked you. She was asked two different times. She kept going to the left. She would not answer the question. And the next thing you know, she starts talking about her presidential campaign - what she was going to do and jobs this and jobs that. That's not what he asked you, lady - just answer the question. Everybody knows who stinks, they're just figuring why that individual stinks. Well, go look... But she's... that individual is walking around with her nose in the air like they are all that and a bag of chips and she doesn't realize that everybody is looking at her like lady, you stink.
UNRELATED: Dean is suing Rachel Maddow for $50M, claiming she lied when she said that he supports a death penalty for homosexuals.

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