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No Cross-Dressing For Halloween

A Mormon church in Utah is distributing a flyer which tells parents that cross-dressing Halloween costumes are not welcome at their party.
It is unclear if the Crescent 16th Ward has a problem with cross-dressing costumes or simply wants to promote what it deems is appropriate dress at the event. But the flier angered one mother in Sandy. "It has everything to do with not loving your fellow man because they choose to dress a specific way," says mother Raquel Smith. Smith, who is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, says the event sends the wrong message to the children. "I think definitely a child as young as a toddler can understand when a parent says 'no honey, you can't be Spiderman or Harry Potter because you're a girl and that's a boy.' I think that immediately tells your child their decisions are wrong," says Smith.
An LDS bishop told reporters that if parents don't like it, they're welcome to stay home.

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