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NOM: Senate DOMA Repeal Doomed

Tomorrow the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider the repeal of DOMA, which NOM is confident will not survive a GOP filibuster should it reach the full chamber.
"We're very fortunate that we have very pro-marriage Republican senators on that committee," Duggan notes. And he lists GOP Senators Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Jon Kyl (Arizona), Jeff Sessions (Alabama), John Cornyn (Texas), and Tom Coburn (Oklahoma) to name a few. "We feel very confident that they'll do everything they can, but they are in the minority in the Senate, of course." And the NOM spokesman says he "absolutely" sees the repeal effort as a way to pave the way to legalizing same-sex "marriage."
The bill has no chance of advancing in the GOP-dominated House.

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