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NYT Covers Values Voter Summit Flap

The Family Research Council's annual Values Voter Summit begins tomorrow with a speaker's slate comprising many of the most viciously anti-gay and racist figures in the nation. Last week People For The American Way joined the chorus of progressives demanding that the invited GOP presidential candidates at least comment on those they'll share the stage with.

Today the New York Times reports on the situation.
Since Mitt Romney is battling suspicion among Christian conservatives about the depth of his opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion, it is no surprise that he is joining the other major Republican candidates this week to speak at the annual Values Voters Summit, a celebration of the political aims of the religious right.[snip] “If Mitt Romney wants to appeal to mainstream audiences, he should publicly disassociate himself from Fischer’s bigotry before handing him the podium,” said Michael Keegan, president of People for the American Way. The Romney campaign did not immediately comment on the call to distance the candidate from Mr. Fischer.

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