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Zimbabwe PM Calls For Gay Rights

In what's being described as a stunning reversal in policy, the prime minister of Zimbabwe is calling for gay rights to be guaranteed in his nation's new constitution, which is presently under review.
Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has reversed his position on gay rights, saying he now wants them enshrined in a new constitution. He told the BBC that gay rights were a "human right" that conservative Zimbabweans should respect. Last year, Mr Tsvangirai joined President Robert Mugabe in opposing homosexuality. The fractious coalition formed by the two leaders has promised political reforms ahead of next year's elections. Zimbabwe is in the process of drafting a new constitution, which will be put to a referendum ahead of the elections. Homosexual acts are currently illegal in Zimbabwe, as in most African countries where many people view homosexuality as un-Christian and un-African.
Observers expect President Mugabe to exploit this development in his campaign for reelection.

(Tipped by JMG reader Nicholas)

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