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Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed?

Yesterday the Archdiocese of Boston retracted and apologized for their newspaper article claiming that gay people are created by Satan. Today comes word that the author of that piece has "resigned." David Avila was the official defender of marriage for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Watch for Avila to land at NOM any minute.


Human Rights Campaign:
"Mr. Avila’s dangerous view that Satan causes people to become gay has no place in any credible news publication, whether it be mainstream or religious press. He ignored not only the widely accepted science that same-sex attraction is normal, but also the modern thinking of many religions. I am pleased the Conference of Catholic Bishops accepted his resignation and I ask them to speak up and denounce his dangerous rhetoric.”
Truth Wins Out:
"Daniel Avila's column was hurtful and deeply offensive so we are grateful he quickly resigned," said Wayne Besen, executive director for Truth Wins Out. "Demonizing never creates a healthy dialogue and Avila represented a major obstacle to the church's claim to respect all people."

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