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HomoQuotable - Robert Turner

"Violence against any innocent person is abhorrent. It’s doubly sickening when bloggers such as Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God suggest, before any investigation is completed, suggest that Garrett is faking the hate crime simply because he is a Republican. Should Mr. Garrett be guilty of filing a false statement or any other crime, he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But we have as yet no evidence suggesting that he vandalized his own car and attacked himself for pure media attention. The question of who is guilty, an as-yet uncaught assailant or Mr. Garrett, is still open. But Mr. Jervis is unquestionably guilty of bad faith. This type of double standard needs to end!" - Log Cabin DC president Robert Turner.

A couple of things will be obvious to JMG regulars: 1) I don't suspect Garrett because he's a Republican. I suspect him because he's a self-aggrandizing reality show douchebag with a history of highly questionable claims. 2) I'm supposed to have good faith in homocons? SRSLY? Oh, my sides. Stop. No, really. STOP.

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