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How To Piss Off Ruben Diaz

Five years ago NYC approved a $29M bond for the construction of 200 low income housing units in the Bronx. The now-finished project includes street level store fronts and office space.

DOWNSIDE: The project is named after the neighborhood's rep in the state senate, evil nasty homophobe Ruben Diaz.

UPSIDE: The newest tenant is Bronx Pride.

WAY UPSIDE: Diaz is furious about it.

The New York Post reports:
The 68-year-old official is far from happy about the new tenants, Bronx political sources said, especially after losing the same-sex marriage battle in Albany this year. “He’s furious,” a source said. “It’s such a direct shot at him.” [Bronx Pride director] McCall claims it’s just a funny coincidence. “It [just] happens to be entertaining that the building’s named after someone who opposes marriage for us.”
UPDATE: Diaz is denying the Post story.

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