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Infighting Is Funny, Part 95

"There's a growing awareness among real conservatives who would like to see [Grover] Norquist toppled from his position of power in Washington just as much as those on the left. Count me among those in that group. He's is unashamedly pro-perversion, given his position on the advisory board of GOProud. And he's a phony economic conservative who helped mislead tea-party Republicans in control of the House of Representatives this year giving Obama all the money he needed to keep destroying the free-enterprise system through the end of his term.

"What am I missing here? It's time to dump Grover Norquist – dump him from the ACU board, dump him from the NRA board and dump him as the economic guru of the conservative movement and Republican Party." - World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah, piling on the right's latest in-house whipping boy, Grover Norquist, who last year got hundreds of members of Congress to sign a pledge that they'd never ever raise taxes under any circumstance.

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