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Posted Today On Christwire

From today's top story on Christwire:
Hell hath no spitfire like a lisping gay scorned, so it’s no surprise today to see legions of gays angrily sassafrasshing and sashaying all around their demigod Joe My God in heated fury and trying to scratch the skin off GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. For years now gays have tried to become the new black. If you listen to their political rhetoric, it is focused on becoming the ‘scapegoated victim’ of America when in reality it is the knuckleclenched-up-the-intestines reverse ploy opposite. Gays are trying to sodomize the morality of America, trying to make us feel deep guilt that we stand against a woman having her privates mangled until it resembles a proper pickler, the surgery being shown at “Family Time Hours” on MSNBC.
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