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Ten With Ten Or More

Rihanna has just her scored eleventh pop chart topper, prompting an update in Billboard's list of acts with ten or more #1 pop singles.

1. Beatles - 20
2. Mariah Carey - 18
3. Elvis Presley- 17
4. Michael Jackson - 13
5. Madonna - 12
6. The Supremes - 12
7. Whitney Houston - 11
8. Rihanna - 11
9. Janet Jackson - 10
10. Stevie Wonder - 10

NOTE: Paul McCartney has nine additional #1 singles as a member of Wings and as a part of duets with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Similarly, Diana Ross had six number one pop singles as a solo act.

ALSO NOTE: Mariah Carey's initial string of consecutive #1 singles is highly questioned by some, as at the time she was romantically involved with Sony president Tommy Mottola, who dumped millions of Carey's singles into the retail market at hugely discounted prices. Those singles often sold for 99 cents at retail when other releases were selling for three to four times that much.

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