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Happy New Year!

Yet another eventful year has come and gone for this here website thingy. In 2011 we saw over 20 million pageviews on over 10,000 posts on which you crazy kids left over 1.2 million comments. Each of those figures are up about 25% on last year, so...go US! As I mentioned in this post last year, blogging is like a homework assignment that is never done, but is always due. Nevertheless, you all make it a lot easier with your emails, your story tips, and your encouragement.

JMG garnered some nice notices in 2011, such as our repeat as Village Voice's Politics Blog Of The Year, CBS News New York's Most Valuable Blogger award, and GLAAD's 2011 Outstanding Blog award. Winning the last of those awards rilly rilly pissed off the anti-gay hate industry and the homocons. We call that a win-win-WIN situation. Heh.

I'm grateful to all of you for continuing readership, for your unflagging commitment to equality, and for your, ahem, vociferous participation here in the JMG community. Tonight, I'll be raising my glass to each and every one of you. I'll be raising it a lot! Thank you all.

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