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HomoQuotable - Timothy Kincaid

"GOProud is a rightwing political organization masquerading as a gay group. Yes, there are gay members – at least three – but their goals, intentions, and actions reveal them to be interested in gay issues only in the context of how they can be spun for partisan advantage. [snip] Sure gay groups have straight members. Some are in leadership. And that is part of inclusiveness. But when you choose a not-openly-gay person to head the board because you don’t actually have any other gay people, you don’t get to call yourself a gay group anymore. At this point I think perhaps we should treat GOProud like PFOX: an irrelevant group claiming to represent people who don’t know or care that they exist. Jimmy and Chris, your little stunt was fun while it lasted, but it’s time you just went home and did something productive with your lives." - Timothy Kincaid, writing for Box Turtle Bulletin.

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