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It's Wrong For Americans To Impose
Moral Values On Sovereign Nations
(Except When NOM Wants You To)

Ever since Sec. Clinton's historic speech, hate groups have exploded with denouncements of the Obama administration's outrageous attempt to impose moral values on foreign nations. Oh, wait. It IS totally OK to do that IF you are a Christian, says NOM's Brian Brownshirt.
In what appears to be a desperate attempt to sway the outcome, the Scottish Government has been persuaded to accept responses from outside the UK, allowing gay marriage groups to organize supporters from around the world in their campaign to rewrite Scotland's marriage law. Please help give the Scottish Government an accurate perception of world opinion on same-sex marriage! has set up an approved web portal at which you can answer the six questions being asked by the Scottish government. All responses will be sent directly to the Scottish Government. Time is short. Please take action today!
Do please send the Scottish government a message. Deadline today.

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