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Log Cabin Slams GOProud: Shame On Them For Outing Perry's Strategist

"GOProud has disgraced itself in attacking Mr. Fabrizio. Log Cabin Republicans are against outing, especially for staffers, who have limited if any control over the politicians they work for. GOProud has used Twitter to out someone with whom they disagree. Log Cabin Republicans also disagreed with the Perry ad, but the national office had the backbone to issue an honest press release and list what they disagreed with.

"GOProud, by contrast, dribbled out a person’s private life through tweets. Worse, given that we don’t know the internal workings of the Perry campaign, we don’t know what connection, if any, Mr. Fabrizio had with the noxious ad. For GOProud to use a person’s sexual orientation against him in such murky circumstances tells us everything we need to know about how much honor they have: none. GOProud? GOShame!" - DC Log Cabin president Robert Turner.

You might recall that GOProud's Chris Barron endorsed Herman "Repeal DADT" Cain and promised to back Michele "Gays Are From Satan" Bachmann should she win the nomination. His return shot at Turner therefore rather defines the meaning of "hypocrisy."RELATED: We last heard from Turner when he backed GOProud's campaign against this blog.

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